Memories Part Two

  • Fang – Dragonborn Charisma Paladin
  • Gart – Human Two Weapon Warrior
  • Lom – Elf Bow Ranger
  • Falkrunn – Dwarf Rageblood Barbarian

After discussing what Jasia has revealed, the party decides the next thing they should do is track down Throckmorton in the Cogs, and see what info they can get from him. They hop on an elevator platform and decend into the depths of Sharn. Lacking any information on how to find Throckmorton, they snag a shady looking goblin and start pumping him for information. A little Dragonborn Paladin Intimidation courtesy of Fang goes a long way with this weak-willed sneak-thief, and he offers to lead the party to Throckmorton’s business headquarters. With one eye on the goblin and the other looking out for trouble, the party follows the goblin deeper into the Cogs.

Arriving at the door of Throckmorton’s public headquarters, the goblin fades back into the streets. The party is met by a pair of Hobgolin guards that challenge their entry. A few insults, bluster, and thinly veiled threats later, the guards permit entry. The door opens into a large meeting hall. Four Hobgoblin guards stand in the corners of the room holding crossbows, and have maces hanging from their belts. A larger Hobgoblin, most likely Throckmorton, sits with his feet propped up on a large, heavy wooden desk. A big spear rests on the desk next to his legs. Throckmorton says, “A human, an elf, a dwarf and a dragonborn walk into a bar … What’s the punchline?”

The Paladin takes charge of the conversation, and takes a Hawk Patrol Amulet out of a pouch. A back and forth conversation ensues, with the Paladin demanding details of the bounty, and Throckmorton describing his middleman status in the Hawk Patrol contract. Things get a little heated, and Throckmorton refuses to reveal any further details. The party decides the time for negotiation is over, and moves to beat the information out of him. Crossbow bolts flash across the room ineffectively, as the party knocks out one Hobgoblin guard and evicerates a second. At the same time, they deliver a world of hurt to Throckmorton who rather quickly decides to talk and save his life.

Throckmorton tells the party that all communication concerning the Hawk Patrol contract travels through a halfling named Jace. Jace is a messenger boy for House Jorasco. When an amulet comes in for bounty collection, word is sent to Jace, and he delivers payment to Throckmorton which is passed on to whoever is claiming the bounty. Throckmorton keeps 60% of the bounty himself. The party “convinces” Throckmorton to pass on word that another Hawk Patrol bounty is waiting payment, and waits for Jace to arrive. While waiting, they also get every gold piece that Throckmorton collected in bounty payment to pass on to the family members of the Hawk Patrol members that were killed.

Jace shows up with the bounty payment, and the party surrounds him. It doesn’t take much, and soon Jace is spilling the beans on everything he knows. Or at least he claims that everything he tells them is all he knows. The party threatens him, and he manages to deflect a little anger by saying, “Don’t blame the messenger”. He claims to be just an errand boy, and has no knowledge of the bounty on Hawk Patrol members. The payment comes from his boss.

He’s working for a highly placed House Jorasco member named Phinn. Phinn has a workshop here in the Cogs close to a morgue. Jace is more than happy to take the party there, so they set off through the twisting by-ways of the Cogs and come to an empty marketplace surrounded by entrances to buildings. This is an odd setting – it appears that the merchants of the marketplace have disappeared. Paranoia at its peak, the party quickly scans the empty stalls and spots a Kenku Assassin. These guys usually travel in flocks, and sure enough there are even more scattered throught the otherwise empty marketplace.

Not wasting any time, the party wastes the closest Kenku they can see. A couple of well-grouped arrows and a heedless barbarian charge does that to a critter. Two Kenku farther away, seeing the loss of surprise and the might of the party, fade down side alleys and are gone for good. Another Kenku is not so lucky and is brought down before it can get away.

After satisfying themselves that there are no more Kenku waiting to deliver crossbow bolts to the back, the party has Jace lead them to Phinn’s door. They kick it in, and the smell of decomposing bodies wafts out. Now that they’ve found what looks to be the right place, they knock Jace out to keep him quiet.

The door opens into a narrow hallway leading away from the door, with a small office to the right. In the office the party finds a painting of a beautiful halfling woman. The painting bears the legend “Brianna” on a small bronze plate. The party surmises Brianna’s skeleton may very well be the halfling skeleton they discovered during the war. Also in the room are notes, scrolls and books concerning the dark art of necromancy.

The hallway turns right after some distance, and passes an open room. In this room is a small group of Hobgoblin zombie guardians. These slow moving undead prove to be an easy task for the party, and are quickly dispatched.

The hallway then opens up into what seems to be the final room of the complex, and it’s a necromacer’s dream workshop. Phinn is here doing what necromancers do best – carving up bodies to see what makes them tick. Also in the room are a pair of Force Spectres. The Force Spectres intercept the party as they rush in to battle. Phinn uses his Call of the Grave power to summon 4 goblin zombie minions, and positions them all in flanking position around the Fighter Gart. This proves to be a bad move, as their attacks prove to be ineffective against the armored Gart even with the benefits of flanking. Live and learn.

The party takes a few licks, but manages to defeat Phinn and his minions. The Elf Lom is chosen to pass word on to House Jorasco that they have a mess to clean up. He zips up to the upper levels of Sharn to deliver the news, and returns with the leader of House Jorasco in Sharn, Thomar, and a group of House Jorasco soldiers. Thomar sees the painting, and the party tells the story of the discovered skeleton and the assassination attempts. Thomar explains that Brianna was his sister who disappeared many years ago while being courted by Phinn. After Brianna disappeared, Phinn married their sister Shoranne.

Obviously, Thomar doesn’t want this story to spread so he comes to an agreement with the party. Some gold changes hands, and Thomar suggests that he may contact them in the future for more discreet work – particularly things that House Jorasco doesn’t want to be seen as having a hand in.

End of Episode 1

Memories Part Two

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