Memories Part One

  • Fang – Dragonborn Charisma Paladin
  • Gart – Human Two Weapon Warrior
  • Lom – Elf Bow Ranger
  • Falkrunn – Dwarf Rageblood Barbarian

The players, scattered across Khorvaire, receive missives devlivered by the gnomes of House Sivis. Sergeant Moraq, the leader of Hawk Patrol who whipped them into fighting shape and kept them alive during the war, has passed away. His only daughter, Jasia, has invited them to a memorial service to be held a fortnight hence at the Blue Hawk Inn in Sharn. Travel vouchers recognized by House Orien and House Lyrandar, issued through House Kundarak, are included covering travel to Sharn.

When the players arrive at the Blue Hawk Inn, they are led to a back room. Once they are inside, Jasia silences the room to block out any eavesdroppers. She informs them that her father, Sergeant Moraq, was in fact murdered and they are the last surviving members of Hawk Patrol that can be located. Her father had been looking in to the mysterious deaths and disappearances of many of Hawk Patrol’s former members. He had given what information he had uncovered to a trusted friend, who passed that on to the Sergeant’s daughter after he was killed. She pulls out a piece of parchment with a symbol drawn on it, and asks the players if they recognize it. They do, and start to tell the story of when they encountered it during the war.

Flashback: The players are flown by a low flying skimmer at night to an abandoned tower. Scouts had reported it as the hideout of a group of Goblins and Hobgoblins that had been harrying supply lines. Their orders are to take out enemy, and end the threat. They leap from the skimmer to the ground in a small clearing just outside the tower. Their Hawk Patrol Amulets protect them from falls of up to 30 feet, and they land upright and ready to fight.

Approaching the tower, they notice a number of dead Goblins and Hobgoblins. When they enter the ruin, they are met by a group of Goblin Zombie Archers and Hobgoblin Zombie Soldiers, likely members of the group that the players were tasked to seek out. A battle ensues, and the party makes quick work of the small group of undead guardians.

The tower is open to the air, and lies mostly in ruins. They find a glowing symbol etched in to the floor of the ruins (which matches the symbol that will be shown to them years later by Jasia). They hear odd noises coming from a stone staircase leading down, and with more attention to their orders than common sense they head down to investigate. The stairs lead down to a small corrider that opens into a wider corridor, with a turn at the end of it and a door in the middle of the wall. They also hear some unearthly moaning noises.

Suddenly, a number of Wisp Wraiths and Force Specters phase through the wall next to the door. These insubstantial undead creatures prove to be tricky, especially when the Force Specters use their burst attacks in unison in the tightly packed area. They also enjoy phasing back through the wall after they take hits. The party eventually prevails, but it takes a couple of healing surges to get through the fight.

Continuing to explore the underground area, they find what appears to be a torture room and some holding cells. In one of the cells they find a small skelton with obvious torture marks on the bones. In order for the bones to be that damaged, the victim had to have been kept alive through magical means. The size of the skull indicates it was not a child, but a small creature – maybe gnome or halfling. The party is also attacked by a couple more Force Specters that they defeat. Their ability to phase through the walls causes problems, but the party manages to spread out to lessen the effect of the burst attacks.

They find nothing of value in the rooms and hallways they explore up to this point, but then they enter a large room. In here is a Death Master Specter and a group of Hobgoblin Zombie Soldiers. The party launches in to immediate combat. The Death Master Specter uses his call of the grave power to summon a number of Goblin Zombie minions to distract the party as he issues orders to his Hobgoblin Zombies. It ends up having little effect, however, and the party delivers a world of hurt the the Zombies and the Death Master Specter.

Searching this room, the find a chest that holds a number of magic items. Oddly enough, it holds precisely the magic items they had been hoping to find for a while.

Present Day: Jasia informs them that she has uncovered information that there is a bounty on the heads of all former Hawk Patrol members. Delivering a Hawk Patrol Amulet along with a name and proof of death to a certain broker in the Cogs of Sharn results in payment of 100 gold pieces. She gives them the name Throckmorton, the Hobgoblin leader of the Bloody Spears. She also gives them a Hawk Patrol Amulet that her father had left her, in case they need that to question Throckmorton.

Continued in Memories Part Two.

Memories Part One

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