Slam-bang Pulp Noir action in post-war Eberron

Background: The adventurers served in the same strike force during the war – the Hawk Patrol. Delivered in low-flying skimmers, they jumped to the ground from heights of up to 40 or so feet, protected from damage (mostly) by their Hawk Patrol Amulets. Then they would wreak havoc and send up a magical flare when evac was was needed. A white flare meant all clear, and a red flare meant a hot evac was needed. Other soldiers never understood why anyone would jump from a perfectly good skimmer. The Hawk Patrol didn’t understand why the other soldiers were willing to march for days on end only to meet on battlefields not of their own choosing.

Since the war ended, the characters have gone their separate ways and didn’t keep in touch as planned. It’s been quiet, and they’ve had a chance to rest and find peace in their lives.

That’s all about to change …

Until We Close Our Eyes For Good